Theme Re-re-re-do

 Again, the theme is changed.  I know it's annoying at times... to me too, trust me.  I'm just not able to spend a lot of time on the theme with all the other stuff going on with the site's rapidly-expanding back end system.

For now, you'll be seeing (as of this writing), a pretty happy, bright theme that is a stark contrast to the previously-stark, bleak theme.  However, I'm really not as happy with such brightness in the long run.  However, this theme's structure just provides too much great functionality to avoid.  I'll use it to get the hang of this theming system (yeah, I know, "blah, blah, blah, techie crap, blah") and then spiff up the colors and such to something I like more.

Thanks for visiting and I apologize for any visual pain I'm causing you while things are in flux.  (Overall, this current theme is pretty, IMO, so I'm sure it's not too bad for you.)

Bring more friends!  More content coming soon.  Promise.


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How on earth do play the game? And do you even play a game?

There is no game here

I seem to get this a lot, but there isn't a game to play here.  This is a site about massively multiplayer games, but is not an actual game itself.  I really need to be more clear about this somehow, since I get a lot of people trying to play "the game".

Sorry to say, but I don't have a MassMOG of my own to run here... wish I did.  Thanks for visiting anyway.


----------------- I own this place... thanks for visiting.
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