System Upgrades Afoot

 It's been quiet around here lately, as we've been preparing some big changes to both the hardware and software behind  I've been swamped with all the work that needs to be done, so posting has been suffering horribly.

Soon, we'll get back up and posting regularly again --- maybe with some new "faces" around here, too!

(Oh, that reminds me:  you want to write for us?  Apply here for a currently-volunteer position -- volunteer until you show you're committed and then we'll see about appropriate compensation:  Send us info about you and links to writing samples.)

Theme Re-re-re-do

 Again, the theme is changed.  I know it's annoying at times... to me too, trust me.  I'm just not able to spend a lot of time on the theme with all the other stuff going on with the site's rapidly-expanding back end system.

For now, you'll be seeing (as of this writing), a pretty happy, bright theme that is a stark contrast to the previously-stark, bleak theme.  However, I'm really not as happy with such brightness in the long run.  However, this theme's structure just provides too much great functionality to avoid.  I'll use it to get the hang of this theming system (yeah, I know, "blah, blah, blah, techie crap, blah") and then spiff up the colors and such to something I like more.

Thanks for visiting and I apologize for any visual pain I'm causing you while things are in flux.  (Overall, this current theme is pretty, IMO, so I'm sure it's not too bad for you.)

Bring more friends!  More content coming soon.  Promise.

More Site Updating -- Yay.

 I've been slow on updates again lately.  I'm doing another round of big back-end updates to make it easier for me to post stuff.  Hopefully I'm nearing the end of this work so I can get back to posting content instead of fumbling through PHP & CSS code!

Thanks for dropping by -- please do so again soon.  I'll get the content flowing again soon, I promise! 

My Other Site Has Games To Play

[update: A bug in the site had the games & their thumbnails not displaying! Ack! So yeah, if you visited before, you couldn't play any games unless you had an account... sheesh. Sorry 'bout that! You can play now, though, so get to it!!]

In case you're wondering why I haven't been updating lately (this time), I thought I'd show you why. I've been working on my network of sites -- getting them updated and converted and pumped-upified -- and I finally have something to show for it!

Granted, this is nothing pretty to see right now as a whole, so I don't need any flames about that. I've got some help on the way to work on the purty bits. Even so, the main point is that I've added over 6,600 free Flash games for folks to play on another site of mine, Online Game Hounds. Woot!

I know the site's not pretty.. didn't we just go over that?? I think that we did.

Well, I know that's not really technically "massively multiplayer" news... however, I'd argue that the collection of games is "massive" and there will be "multiple players" playing it, often at the same time -- that means the site as a whole is "massively multiplayer", eh?? That too much of a stretch for ya? Eh?

Go have some fun, would you? I hope you enjoy it.


The Thing That Will Be, part xi.2

I'm a slouch and I know it. I've been busy with work and my wife birthed our baby, so that's been nuts, to say the least. I know I haven't posted here in a long while, but that's got to change or you'll all start throwing foul things in my general direction.

... I don't want that.

However, I'm still short on time in general. I'll do my best to throw down some posts more regularly. Yes, I know I've said that before. "Whatevah, whatevah! I'll do what I want!" (No, that quote is not relevant, but it's in my head anyway.)

Thanks for visiting. I'll go drum up some stuff for you to read.




Server outage

Server was down for almost a day... sux0rz!  Should be working okay now.  (Just in case you're curious if you've been wondering if the site got shut down over the past day. :)

The Machine is Us/ing Us

I'll just cut to the chase... watch The Machine is Us/ing Us real quick and come back to read the rest of this if you want (if I don't lose you for 4 hours while you watch all manner of goofy YouTube videos about hamsters or boobs or dancing teenage Timberlakes-to-be.)

 That video (film?) has completely floored me.  I was at GDC earlier this month and Raph Koster gave a talk about "Where the Game Meets the Web" -- which I don't even know how to summarize, honestly -- and he played that video on the big screen.  It really hit the audience hard, I think.  I know the vid's been circulating a bunch and I'm likely late to the show (as usual) but I think it's frickin' genius.  Absolutely go watch it.

I'm not sure why I'm posting this here, except that the whole Internet is starting to look more and more like a giant MMO of sorts!  Ya know... I'll shut up now, since that video does a great job of saying something... something each of you will get slightly differently, I'll guess.  Go watch it again now.

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