SKZL ONLINE---A Really free-to-play mmorpg game

INTRODUCTION OF SKZL ONLINE As a new online game research and develop compnay, Sanco NetWork Co., Ltd. launches its first large ethical online game named SKZL ONLINE. This game is in a magic true-life style,and it is very popular with game players. Recently,Sanco NetWork co.,ltd declare that which is research and develop for the Chinese all over the world will be operated by Rich China Co., Ltd. will enter the global Chinese market these days. is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that researched and developed by Sanco NetWork Co., Ltd. The game combine the original eastern culture, the western miracle and the mordern technique together, play the game you will experience three completely different worlds. The main story is round the stone of the world----SKZL.There are three phyles ,nine professions hundreds of wizardry skills in the game world. There are also many characteristic systems such as national battle, break barrier, search treasure, PK and so on. SKZL always try its best to finish all minutias in order to give the players a perfect experience. is researched and developed based on the local culture,serve overseas Chinese.The purpose is to make the Chinese all over the world taste the centuries-old brilliant Chinese culture through playing the game and prove Chinese have ability to research and develop our own excellent online games . This time the enter overseas Chinese market indicate that we have made a big progress on Chinese online games' internationalization . has its own excellent attribute, then we believe that it can become a popular and choice online game with the support and the encouragement by Chinese game players and the innovation and good service of Sanco NetWork Co., Ltd. and Rich China Co., Ltd.