Beta Launches. MMORPG social network and guild management site Beta Launches


A social network and guild management site like no other. CharacterPlanet allows members to create one real life profile and as many character profiles they want.

Character profiles can choose from games, servers, race, class, level and more. These character profiles are even further customizable by adding stats, skills, keys/flags and an integrated character equipment link from sites like, and


The guild features should be familiar to gamers already paying for a guild hosting service. At CharacterPlanet you can create a guild and have your guild tag displayed underneath your character profiles name. As the Guild Leader you have the power to approve or deny admission to your guild. Guild leaders also have the ability to create forums and assign access levels to them which dictates who can view or post.  Guild Leaders can also assign these access levels to the guild members, i.e. regular guild members, guild officers, administrators.


All profiles can be easily customized with html codes, which are familiar to most MySpace users.  Members can even import their existing MySpace profile directly to the CharacterPlanet site using the import tool. Members can add real life and character friends, post messages, IM, post blogs, chat and more. You can browse real life profiles or character profiles by many different types of criteria.


CharacterPlanet also features a Prize Point system which members earn points for various activities on the site such as inviting new members or just logging into the site once a day. These points can then be turned in for in-game prizes. (Coming soon…look for the exclusive CharacterPlanet slot machine. This will allow members to win more prize points from their current point pool).


Many updates to the site are still being done and feedback from the online gaming community is always taken into consideration for new features. Join now and be part of the beginning.